Founded in 1992, Opakim Tıbbi Ürünler San. ve Tic. A.Ş., started its business by importing and distributing high-tech radiological imaging agents from abroad and is specialized in the diagnostic pharmaceuticals & medical products. Opakim is the Turkey representative of the world leader GE Healthcare’s X-ray and MRI contrast agents and has played a leading role in the diagnosis of diseases by importing the contrast agents needed in our country. Our company has started to produce contrast agents used in medical imaging in Turkey with its visionary perspective by displaying a determined entrepreneurship within the scope of the “Pharmaceutical Localization Project” of the Ministry of Health. Believing that improving life is possible by producing good works with passionate people, Opakim will continue to work as an innovative pharmaceutical company that is determinedly marching towards its goals in order to offer a healthier life to people.

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